Without volunteers like you, this task isn't possible! Thank you for helping our essential workers protect themselves more during this pandemic. If you are looking to volunteer your time, request materials, or request a pick-up for your completed masks, you're in the right spot!


Volunteer Sign-Up

You don't have to sew to be of service! We are in need of seamsters, fabric cutters, and runners. We do ask that if you are using the community pool of resources, please donate your completed masks back to the group for centralized distribution to the request list.

Image by Perry Grone

Request Materials

We have fabric, elastic, and thread for distribution to seamsters. Make your request here. We do ask that if you are using group-sourced materials, that you please donate your completed masks back for distribution to our ever-growing, patiently waiting requesters.

Fabric Detail

Mask Pick-Up Request

Do you have completed masks you would like picked up?


Delivery Volunteer Mileage Log

Log miles for assigned deliveries here. Gas will be reimbursed for at a rate of $0.25/miles and distributed every 100 miles through gas cards only.